Saluki III - the T1 Buggy

Team Saluki Vehicle Specifications

Saluki III was purchased in April 2007 as a fully rebuilt vehicle with a new body shell. Manufacturers Fast & Speed B.V. are specialists in building off road racing vehicles for both autocross and endurance rallies. As with all competition vehicles, Saluki III undergoes constant development and improvement. FIA regulations change over the years and on board race equipment has a certified life (typically 5 years) so the vehicle is constantly evolving.

Saluki III in all its splendourA great looking vehicle from any angle

Make: Fast and Speed B.V. (Netherlands)
Model: FIA T1.3 specification EVO 'buggy'
Registration No: Dubai I-49140
Year of Manufacture: 2003 (complete rebuild 2006)
Total weight: < 1,500 Kgs
Engine: Powered By HONDA...
Manufacturer: Honda (VTEC)
Capacity: 3.5 litre
Year: 2005
Injection: Yes
Mileage: Approximately 2000 kms since rebuild
Block: Standard
Pistons: T.B.A.
Cams: Honda VTEC system
Cylinder Heads: Fast & Speed development
Compression Ratio: T.B.A.
Headers: Stainless steel
Exhaust: Stainless steel big bore
Horesepower: 250+ hp @ 5,500 rpm (32mm F.I.A. restrictor)
Torque: 350 Nm @ 4500 rpm (32mm F.I.A. restrictor)
Transmission: Ford RS2000 rear differential. Rare AND expensive!
Gearbox: 5 speed sequential straight cut
Clutch: Racing heavy duty
Differential: Ford RS2000 with Quaife limited slip
Driveshafts: Quaife
C.V. Joints: T.B.A.
Suspension: 600mm of travel from the front suspension
Wheels: Cast aluminium split rim. C.T.I.S. on rears
Fitted with Champion Beadlocks
Tyres Front: BF Goodrich Baja T/A     33" x 10.5" x R15
Tyres Rear: BF Goodrich Baja T/A KR    35" x 12.5" x R15
Brakes: C.N.C.
Springs: T.B.A.
Dampers: 8 x Fox. Each wheel 1 coil over & 1 triple bypass
Other equipment : 100 litre fuel tank, oil cooling heat exchanger, and a radiator hidden in there somewhere!
On board jacks: 2 x Reiger long stroke hydraulic cylinders
Fuel Cell: Fixed: 200 litres ATL twin fuel pumps
Demountable: 100 litres ATL gravity feed
Radiator: 3 row aluminium
Fans: 2 x 13" Kenlowe heavy duty fans
Engine Oil Cooler: Via heat exchanger
Transmission Oil Cooler: Serck 13 row
On Board Air: Breathing apparatus type cylinder @ 3000 p.s.i., reserve Max Air 12V electrical compressor
Roll Cage: Integral with spaceframe chassis. To FIA specs
Cockpit: It's alright - Mark and Tim know what they are all for....
Instrumentation: STACK instrument display and data acquisition
Dashboard: Full rally specification. 1 x Brantz Laser rally computer, CTIS operation and gauges, includes mountings for Iritrack, Sentinel & ERTF GPS.
Seats: 2 x Sparco Pro 2000
Belts: TRS 3" four point harnesses
Communications: Peltor System

Seen here are the rear dampers, the white air cylinder and CTIS tubes to the rear hub

Drivers side hydraulic ram in operation

Good brakes are essential - as are incredibly strong trailing arms. Fortunately, Fast & Speed supply both!
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