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2004 Peace Rally - 15th January

Very few words by Mark Powell....

The Peace Rally - part of the Emirates Motor Sports Federation (EMSF) championship based on 6 rallies throughout the year. Entering into what is commonly known as an 'open' rally, we were up against saloon cars as well as a couple of WRC cars. It makes you wonder how we would fare in a Land Rover!

This was to be Tim's first time in the navigators seat - practice the week before proved that he was eminently capable of putting up with "the Rottweiler behind the steering wheel", as Dave Pryce has named me! The rally consisted of 5 stages in and around the Emirate of Ajman.

David Chambers (aka Streaky) ran the support along with Ian and Sheila Barker. At the end of Stage 3 we were in 9th position, which we pleased with, considering the field that we were up against. All we had to do was to complete the next two stages and we would in the money, so to speak.

It had poured down with rain in Ajman the day before. The sabkha, which you could normally drive over, had turned to a clinging mud. Starting off on Stage 4, we went wide through a 90 left and started to plough the fields! It soon became apparent that we would not be able to extricate ourselves from the muck and mire, and we hade to call in for assistance.

The team arrived, collected wood, built a road and hitched up Ian's Nissan Patrol and Streaky's Landrover 130 in a tandem pull. The car came straight out which shows that preparation is everything! By the time we extricated the rally car from it's predicament, it was dark and the EMSF dinner was already in full swing.

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