Saluki II - the Land Rover 110

The Team Saluki Land Rover 110 is now used in competition in the United States. Please see the new owner's team website at

As with all competition vehicles, the car undergoes constant development and improvement. The Land Rover has been installed with a new 4.8 litre engine and new suspension, designed to maximise both performance and reliability. Numerous small but significant modifications to the vehicle have been made over the years as we gain knowledge from each race and apply what we've learned.

Make: Land Rover Defender 110
Model: FIA T1 specification 110" Hard Top
Registration No: Dubai 24780 (3)
Year of Manufacture: 1986 (complete rebuild on new chassis - 2002)
Total weight: 1,982 kgs
Manufacturer: V8 Developments UK. Fully balanced
Capacity: 4.8 litre
Year: November 2005
Injection: Hotwire / Mark Adams chipped ECU
Mileage: Approximately 6000 kms
Block: Standard 4.6L cross bolted
Pistons: Acrolite
Cam: Kent H404
Cylinder Heads: V8 Developments Stage III big valve
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Headers: Stainless steel
Exhaust: Stainless steel big bore
Horesepower: 304.79 hp @ 5,500 rpm
Torque: 343.51 ft lbs @ 4,000 rpm
Power: (restricted) 271.15 bhp @ 4,750 rpm (34mm F.I.A. restrictor)
Torque: (restricted)
336.19 ft lbs @ 3,750 rpm (34mm F.I.A. restrictor)
Gearbox: R380 Suffix L   (appx. 3000 kms)
Clutch: AP Racing heavy duty
Transfer Case: Land Rover L230  1.410 ratio (6000 kms)
Differentials: 3.8 ratio fully rebuilt and cryogenically treated with Quaife torque biasing.
Driveshafts: Quaife
C.V. Joints: Genuine AEU2522 Cryogenically treated
Brakes: EBC slotted & dimpled discs and EBC pads
Axles: Standard Land Rover - fully braced
Wheels: 6 x Mangel 8 spoke
Tyres: 6 x Dunlop SGS 7.50 x 16
Springs: 4 x HT spring (progressive on front)
Dampers: 8 x Reiger with external reservoirs
Seats: 2 x Recaro (new in 2006)
Fuel Cell: Premier 300 litres c/w 2 x submersible fuel pumps (new in September 2006)
Dashboard: Full rally specification. Includes mountings for Iritrack, Sentinel & ERTF GPS. 1 x Terratrip 303 rally computer
Radiator: Serck 4 row aluminium
Fans: 2 x 13" Kenlowe heavy duty fans
Engine Oil Cooler: Serck 13 row
Transmission Oil Cooler: Serck 13 row
On Board Air: Electrical compressor & tank
Roll Cage: Tubular steel built to FIA specifications
Belts: Sabelt 3" four point harnesses
Communications: Peltor System
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